Unique Swing
Personal Swing

First step is to set goals

The golf swing to be developed for you will be personalized to your swing. The first thing that will take place will be a short conversation about your expectations and I will ask you a few questions about your golf game and goals. I will use this information to develop an instruction and practice plan specifically for you. This step is important to be more effective during your lesson time.

Get to know your instructor

Your instructor, Al Montes will work with you in all aspects of the game from short irons, to putting, to the driver. I will work with your strengths and fix your weaknesses to develop a more consistent swing. I will point out adjustments to your swing and help you develope muscle memory technics to help you improve.
Fundamental from the start, then simple adjustments to fit you
We will start with the fundamentals. We will work on the proper grip, setup and getting aligned properly. We will work on the proper backswing weight transfer and releasing the club. We will work with your swing and make adjustments to match your ability.