Deep Bunkers
Behind Trees

Course Management
Golf Course Management is very important to lower your golf scores. It is necessary to understand when to go for the green and when to lay up. Course management is crucial for any golf lesson. It teaches the best way to be conservative with your shot when being faced with obstacles to the green. Be conservative and know your limits. Course management begins at the tee box. Be aware of the hazards that you are facing. Make the proper club selection to avoid any trouble placed in your direction.
Course Management Obstacles
A good course manager should recognize the following hazard from the tee box; bunkers, water hazards, trees, creeks, etc.... These hazards are placed strategically to entice the golfer to challenge his or her limits. A good course manager knows when to be aggressive or be humble and go for the safe shot.
Course Management Solutions
In order to make good course management decision, you as the golfer need to know and understand your golf swing and golf swing limits. If there is ever any doubt on the long shot, take the safe one. Your scores card will reflect smart course management.