Bad things will happen

how you react to them, will determine your results.

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Play with confidence

When Bad Things Happen

Bad things will happen in golf. They are part of the game. It is how you handle them that will keep you getting better and will keep your interest in the golf. How do you handle errant drives. Your only option is to hit a stinger under the low hanging branches. Do you know golf course management? All of this will be covered in the lessons.
Another very realistic scenario is the following: What you have practice at the range is not working - so you go back to the old habits. What now?

What is etiquette? Occasionally you will play with people you don't know. Should I let the group behind me play through? How about conversing a the tee box. Who has the honors?
Etiquette will also be covered in the lesson.

Golf is a test of honor and patience

Can I improve my lie. Mulligan, when do i get relief. Should I count that stroke, you were talking in the background.