Golf Fundamentals
  • Good Grip
  • Balanced Swing
  • Proper Weight Transfer
  • Follow Through
  • Emotional Management
  • Dedication
  • Discipline

Al Montes, PGTAA, Certified

About Al Montes, PGTAA Master Golf Instructor

The same thoughts that I talked about on the home page used to go through my head when I first started playing golf. It was not until after I took my first golf lessons through a certified PGA instructor that I was able to play with confidence and practically eliminated my bad thoughts that naturally occur before the swing.
I have now been playing golf for over 20 years and am a Certified Golf Instructor and still have the same passion for the game as I did when I scored my first par. With my first birdie my passion just got stronger and confidence kept on building. I still remember the day I scored my first eagle. By that time I was so hooked on this game that I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who would listen.
I have been coaching golf now for over 10 years. I have helped many students whom I occasionally see at the driving range mimicking my lessons to others. "I can't help but smirk".
The game of golf can be a lifetime game if good golf basics are in place. Do not let those bad habits create frustrations. Lets set some goals for you and influence your game in a positive way.
Personal golf Instructions that concentrate around your natural swing. Most of my personal lessons take place at the cedar park driving range but I can travel to Austin or Leander.
I look forward to enhancing your game and lets get to know your swing.